The Potter’s Hand
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I have a friend from Syria who has resettled here in Connecticut. Her sister, Khadija, made these pieces. This is her story:

Desperate to escape war, Khadija’s entire family fled unspeakable conditions in Aleppo, Syria. On the morning of the family’s departure, Khadija decided not to leave realizing her husband was missing. Days later when her family had left and her opportunity to flee had vanished, she learned her husband had been killed by ISIS. Devastated, alone and responsible for her young children, Khadija left Syria and walked for two days without food or water ending up in a Turkish refugee camp. To keep her sanity and support her children she has been creating these beautiful handmade items.

Shipping rates apply to US customers only. For international orders,
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Small Scarf – $20


Large Scarf – $30


Cross Body Bag – SOLD


Medium Backpack – SOLD


Large Backpack – $50


Blue Pillow (cover only) – $24


Gray Pillow (cover only) – $24.00


Pink Pillow (cover only) – $24.00


photos by Kerstin Guarnaccia


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