The Majete National Park

August 27 

It was a long drive to the Majete National Park. When we arrived, we crossed a long wooden bridge over the Shire (prounounced shy-ree) River where we caught a jeep to our lodge. We were greeted by our hosts with cool towels for washing our hands and face.

The Shire River in Malawi

Friends, this place was so nice that I’m afraid to tell you about it, for fear that you’ll want your money back. Have you ever seen the reality show, The Bachelorette? (<—– guilty pleasure). No joke, I felt like I had stepped into an episode and I was the star. Except I was sharing a room with my 72 year old roommate instead of a hunky man vying for my hand in marriage. Ok. You get the idea, it was nice.

We had gorgeous rooms overlooking the river where we could hear hippos snorting. The rooms had curtains that could be closed at night, or you could choose to keep them open (which we did).  It made for a chilly morning, but we were able to watch the sun rise from our beds. We had an outdoor shower with HOT water, which was so indulgent, I took two!

Outdoor shower. Luxurious!

For lunch, we ate beef skewers with dipping sauces and a fresh salad, washed with *safe* water. For dinner, I chose the thai chicken with rice and mango salsa. Hel-lo! We hadn’t seen food this good in a long time!

We did a night time game drive, where we saw elephants, water buck, wart hogs and impala. The sky was so clear, we could see the Milky Way and our guide gave us a lesson on constellations.

Afterward, we met up in the common area for another game of cards before retreating back to our rooms.

August 28

We woke up with the sun, watching it rise over the trees from our bed. I could hear the rushing water of Shire River and the hippos snorting below.

I had missed the early morning walking tour so that I could sleep in a bit and enjoy a hot breakfast. Then we took a ride to the river where we had a boat tour. We saw more elephant, hippos, crocodiles and birds.

A hippo in the Shire.

Afterward, we had another game drive by jeep where we saw most of the same animals, though this time in daylight.

the other half of our group

Elephant crossing

Afterward, we enjoyed another fabulous lunch prepared by the wonderful staff. We were sad to leave the Majete Game Park.  One night seemed like hardly enough time to enjoy this gorgeous place. But I was happy to have a Safari adventure. I don’t know how you would go to Africa and *not* experience that.

We had a long drive back to Zomba. We’re further south now than when we started in the capital city of Lilongwe, so there are many mountains here. I think I prefer it; it’s beautiful. The roads are bumpy and very dusty. It started to fill our throats and people were beginning to cough. Our driver seemed accustomed to it, but we often had to keep our windows closed.

Our dinner consisted of convenience store food. Chips, a banana with peanut butter, and vanilla cookies. The dinner of champions. Not quite as glamorous as the meal I enjoyed the previous night. It was late by the time we got back to our lodge and we needed something quick :)

We were thankful for a hot shower and a good sleep. No one was really interested in a game of cards tonight. I think people are starting to miss home. I haven’t had wifi since our first guest house in Lilongwe, so I haven’t had a chance to connect with my family in days.

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