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A few weekends ago, I had a sewing party for Little Dresses for Africa. Yesterday, I finally had the chance to tag them all. To date, I have received 55 dresses! That is simply amazing! I have so many people to thank for this. All of the people who contributed to my sewing party (or made & donated dresses) as well as the many people who have so generously sponsored my trip.

So here they are, my ginormous list of helpers from across the US and Canada! Thank you!  The following dresses are going in honor of my sewing party helpers, in the order shown:

Wayne Norman: Willimantic CT
Wayne hosts a morning show on WILI 1400 am radio. He had me on his show to talk about Little Dresses for Africa and my sewing party.

Julianna Mazza: Milford CT
Juliana is a journalism student at Uconn who interviewed me about my trip to Malawi for her final class project. That will air on Uconn TV.

The Elliot Family: Lebanon, CT
Jamie worked on this dress with her daughter (my friend Erin!).  She also does a great job teaching bible stories and caring for for the children during our monthly MOPS (Mothers Of Preschoolers) meeting.

The Rossi Family: Mansfield Center, CT
Lena’s kids go to school with mine and she made three of these lovely dresses for me!

The Hart Family: Storrs, CT
I’ve known Kara since her oldest daughter took my baby music class! She made this lovely dress!

The Blanchard Family: Mansfield, CT
Jennifer’s kids go to school with mine and she spent a good chunk of the morning ironing fabric. This was a huge help!

The Lownes Family: Storrs, CT
Chandra loaned me her tag punch so I could make all these cute little tags for the dresses. That saved me hours of time! She also worked on coating paper beads for me too!

The Campbell Family: Coventry, CT
Becky made some delicious ginger cookies that I bagged up for guests to take as thank you gifts. Thank YOU Becky!

The Elliot Family, Coventry, CT
Janine is an excellent seamstress and made 2 dresses for me at the sewing party! She has an Etsy shop too – check it out ;)

The Dakin Family, Coventry, CT
Stephanie and I are friends through MOPS.  She also blogs at And, she made this adorable dress!

Now, these cute little dresses will be going with me in honor of my many sponsors. Here they are, in the order shown. Zikomo! I couldn’t do this without you!


The Christopher Family: Storrs, CT
These are our good friends from town and Erin hosts our local MOPS group! 

Louise Horvath: Shelton, CT
Louise is my mother’s cousin. She doesn’t know me very well but was willing to contribute. Thank you!

The Colon-Semenza Family: Mansfield, CT
Christina and I met in the Moms Club years ago. She’s also a dynamic athlete and hangs in our running circle.

The Day Family: Coventry, CT
The Days are good friends of ours. We celebrate November birthdays like nobody’s business and me, Madison & the girls have been known to frequent the local sushi restaurant together on occasion.  :)

The MacDonald Family: Surrey, BC Canada
These are my fabulously supportive in-laws!  Just all around, really great people.

Euna Staniforth: Madison, WI
Euna is Earl’s aunt and an excellent seamstress as well! She’s even taken sewing seminars with Nancy from Nancy’s Notions (the one who provides the patterns for the little dresses).

The Johnson Family: Mansfield Center, CT
The Johnsons are just rock solid awesomeness. Chrissy and I trained for and ran the the Philly Marathon in November. I cannot say enough good things about these people! Mwah!

The Johnston Family: Mansfield Center, CT
Amber is my good friend from town. She made me about a dozen dresses! And happens to be an excellent photographer too!

The Lacoss Family: Tolland, CT
I met Lynn through MOPS. She is our “mother mentor” and has been fabulous at filling that role. She made 2 dresses for me and is the most forward-thinking Grandma I know! :)

Ok, now that your eyes are going completely buggy from staring at the screen for so long, here’s my final list of generous sponsors for tonight, along with their dresses:


The Ellis Family: Storrs, CT
Melanie was another one of my super stellar running partners as we trained for the Philly Marathon!

The Macbride Family: West Hartford, CT
Earl taught piano to both of the Macbride’s kids. David is a gifted composer (who wrote a fabulous song for Stella) and Lisa is a talented artist.

Theresa Looke: Vernon, CT
Theresa works with my mom, but I have never actually met her! She is usually the kind voice that answers the phone when I call their office.

The Zubec Family: Winnipeg, MB Canada
The Zubecs are really fun people! Earl grew up with them and I had the pleasure of spending a really fun weekend with them in Ottawa!

The Krug Family: Avon, CT
Cary is my fabulous older sister and Bob is the lucky one who got me as a sister-in-law! (and I have three beautiful nieces too.)

Kim Aldinger: Seattle, WA
Kim and I grew up in Woodside Acres together! We have shared many fun times! She travels the world, studied at Harvard and has a PhD in neurobiology. She’s one smart cookie from the small little farm town of Ellington, CT.

Dennis Kawa: Winnipeg, MB Canada
Dennis is a good friend of our in-laws. They attended the same church for many years. He even came to our wedding, all the way from Winnipeg!

Girl Scout Troop 65030: Mansfield, CT
These girls have been working on making dresses for a badge! They have made so many and have been such a huge blessing to me!

The Gruhn Fmaily: East Windsor, CT
Paul is a good friend of Earl’s. They like together and jam!

The Smith Family: Ellington, CT
These are my folks! The good people who raised me, fed me, clothed me and gave me flute lessons. My mom would come with me if she weren’t already travelling this year. Thanks for your support! xxoo.

The Mandoiu Family: Storrs, CT
I first taught their son in my baby music class and now I teach their daughter flute! They are gifted young musicians!

I just love reminiscing about all of the people who have helped me so far on my journey! This is a community effort and I couldn’t do it without you.

Together, we are sending the message of love and hope…  one little dress at a time. 

Thank you!


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