Mission to Malawi: Dress #3!

Hi friends! The fabric chosen for this next dress (if I’m going to be honest) is not my favorite. I’m not one for “themed” articles of clothing. I once gave in to Dora the Explorer light up shoes and couldn’t wait until Stella outgrew them. We live & learn. Works in progress.

When I went shopping for fabric a few weeks ago, I brought Stella along with me. She made me do it. She made me purchase this fabric. Because who knows what little girls want other than, well… little girls.


Princess crowns.



Here you have it folks, my next dress for Africa. Dress #3! With gold ties that would out-shine Wonder Woman’s bangles.  Although this fabric is not something that I would choose for myself, some 2 or 3 year-old little girl is going to love it! And it will be going with me to Malawi in honor of:

The Mitchell Family!

Because frankly, every time I think of their youngest, I think Princess. In fact, I saw her today and she was dressed as (you guessed it!)… a princess.

We have attended church with the Mitchell’s for the past 5 years. Our boys are 6 weeks apart in age and our girls are about 3 weeks apart. We are blessed by their friendship and I am so thankful for their support!

Together, we’re sending the message of love & hope… one little dress at a time.

If you’d like to contribute toward my mission trip to Malawi, click here to learn how. I’ll bring a dress to Africa in your name too!

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