Mission to Malawi: Dress #1

Hi friends!  Just a little update on my short-term mission trip to Malawi:

I was able to renew my passport last week, so I’m one step closer.  I am humbled by the generous donations that have been coming in. I have raised about $2200, which is almost 2/3 of my goal! I am so blessed by the support that I have received. I know that God is providing for me, which makes me even more confident that this is what I am supposed to do.  If you need information on how to donate, check out this post.

I have ordered some cute little thank you cards, so if you have not received a “thank you” from me yet, please forgive me. I promise I will thank you all properly. An email just doesn’t seem like enough.
In addition, for each person or family who donates toward my trip, I will personally make and take a little handmade dress to distribute to the orphans – in your name. I include little tags on each of them with their size. And your name will be included on one of those dresses!

I would also like to highlight the dresses and my sponsors after I make them (I hope that’s okay). Then you will have an actual image of how you have blessed a child.

 This dress is my very first dress and it is going to Malawi in honor of
They were my very first sponsors. I couldn’t do this without you ;)   Mwah!

 Together, we’re sending the message of love & hope… one little dress at a time. 

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