Enough is Enough

After Sandy Hook, I felt powerless to do anything. I found it hard to get out of bed. I knew there wasn’t time for this kind of behavior, yet I just couldn’t gather the strength to mobilize. I think we were all in mourning.  I gave myself time to grieve. And then I said, “Enough is enough. You have to do something for those people. Love will conquer and it starts with you.”

So I signed the petition to end gun violence. (www.demandaplan.org)

Earl and I started ACTS of Mansfield, a faith-based service group whose motto is to “show God’s love by loving His people.”

We continue to monitor what we take in. We are ever more diligent about pumping the Word of God into our hearts by memorizing scripture and doing (mostly) daily bible studies. We limit what our children watch on television. They do not play violent video games or watch violent videos. Nerf guns are not allowed. I know many kids probably have them, but we simply do not want our kids glorifying guns.

We are trying to strengthen community by reaching out to our neighbors and opening up our home more often.

I’m not necessarily of the mindset that we need more prayer IN schools, but I do believe we should be praying more FOR our schools.  This year, I hope to start a group that does just that.

Now’s the time. Enough of the violence. Change has to happen. This world needs more love.

How are you showing love? I’d love to hear your suggestions. 

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