Team Robby

We are in desperate need of prayer for my friend’s 4 year old son, Robby. On November 5th, while playing outside, Robby was pinned beneath a tree limb for an extended period of time. He was life-starred to CCMC. It was later discovered that there was significant damage to his brain.   My friend Angela has been a rock through this whole ordeal. Her hope, her strength inspires me. And after several meetings with doctors and specialists, she finally had to make the most difficult decision any parent would have to make. Tomorrow, he will be taken off of his respirator.

You might have heard of “Team Robby.” It has sort of gone viral on facebook. People all across the country have been (are) praying for this little boy. Many people have come together because of this tragedy.   I am asking you to join me, and countless others,  in praying for a miracle.   Pray that God restores this little boy to fullness. Pray that God gives Angela strength and peace. Please pray. 

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