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Next September I will be heading to Malawi with a mission team from Little Dresses for Africa. Today I start the huge task of raising support for this trip. I have approximately 9 months to raise $3500. I  want to work for this trip. I want this to be a community effort, while I raise awareness for the people we are going to serve. This is not a vacation for me. I will be working in Malawi and I want to work to get there. So over the next several months, I will give you a variety of ways to give if you feel inspired to do so.

While we are in Africa, we will be bringing homemade dresses made out of simple patterns to the children in the village of Ntcheu. Due to the widespread AIDS pandemic, many of these children are left to care for their siblings. By bringing new dresses, we are trying to send the message of hope. We will also hold bible classes, children’s camps and informal teaching sessions concerning nutrition, clean water, sanitation & family skills. We will have the opportunity to distribute “Buckets of Hope,”  which contain such things as salt, sugar, flour, oil and mosquito netting to the widows and care-givers of those suffering from AIDS.  To read more about my journey to Malawi, check out my previous blog posts:

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I think fundraising is going to feel a lot like training for a marathon. There’s a large goal in sight, but it takes many steps to get there. I have been training long and hard for the Philadelphia Marathon which is a little over a month away.

26.2 miles.

These are the lovely ladies who have encouraged me and kept me going.  We have dragged each other up hills. We have gathered together on Saturdays far too early, for far too long. We have filled our tummies with countless packs of Gu. And I couldn’t have gotten this far without them.

Me and my ladies after running 20 miles! 

Would you kindly consider sponsoring me and my trip by donating $1 per mile?  26 dollars! (or $2 per mile, or $5 per mile). Just like I couldn’t train for a marathon without my support team (these ladies) I can’t get to Malawi without you. If I could get 50 people to donate $26, I would reach 1/3 of my goal! Each gift is tax deductible and 100% of your donation will go toward my trip. And, it’s easy to do. Here’ s how:

  • Go to
  • Click on “donate”
  • Scroll all the way down to the bottom, until you find my name listed under “Africa Trip 2013 – I’d like to donate to a specific traveler”
  • Click on my name (Jana MacDonald)
  • Enter your donation amount and then pay with a credit card or use paypal
Finishing a marathon will be reward enough, but if I can make it count for something greater, even better!  Maybe you can’t run a marathon. Maybe you don’t *want* to run a marathon (I’m questioning that myself!). Maybe you can’t go to Africa. Maybe you don’t *want* to serve in Africa. But maybe you *could* donate to someone who is willing and able. I am so grateful for any amount you can give. Zikomo!

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  1. This is a wonderful cause Jana! Good luck & have fun at the Marathon in Philly! You just received a PayPal donation from “The Nebbias”. “You Go Girl” !!! xoxoxo

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