I hate New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe I’m not ambitious enough, but aren’t they always doomed to fail? I don’t ever remember having one, but in recent years I’ve enjoyed reflecting on the past. What went well? How do I want this next year to be different? What do I want to accomplish? How do I want God and others to perceive me? How do I perceive myself?

I’m glad to see 2011 come to an end. I learned a lot of lessons, but it wasn’t a particularly easy year. And I’m really looking forward to what the new year will bring. This year I want to be more intentional about how I spend my time. I think we’re pretty good about not over-scheduling ourselves, but I really want to weed out all of the stuff that doesn’t matter.

I’ll admit that I’m guilty of partaking in a little “eye candy” every now and again… things like facebook and (dare I say it) Go ahead, judge me. I deserve it. For the month of January, I plan to resist those temptations (I will only be on facebook to link my blog posts and check my mail, since that is now a common tool for communication).

Instead, I hope to be blogging more. My husband, Earl (who also has a blog called Ever Up and Onward) has challenged me to a healthy blogathon, where we will be awarded points based on our number of posts, “likes,” comments, subscribers, etc. The prize is a whole day off, without kids… a day to be selfish… to do whatever we choose.

So, please check back often and feel free to comment. After all, there could be a spa treatment in my future. :)

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