A Christmas Poem

Here’s our Christmas “newsletter” for 2011. It’s been a good year, with lots of lessons learned. I’m looking forward to 2012. Merry Christmas y’all!

‘Twas the month before Christmas and all through the house,
It is time for reflection, just me and my spouse.
We wanted to share our events of last year,
And, while we’re at it, spread holiday cheer.
So please read on friends, we’ve got news for you,
Some facts about some things that we like to do.

Stella is three and this year started school,
Puzzles & music & dress up are cool.
She makes up great stories and gives comic looks,
She loves horses & baking & drawing & books.
She’s a nurturing “mommy” to the dog and her dolly,
When she’s grown she wants 100 babies, oh golly!

Logan is strong and enjoys some real work,
Like leaf blowing, spackling & digging in dirt.
He rides scooters and bikes; he did soccer & swim,
He’s starting to read and we’re so proud of him.
He’s whistling now – not bad for just five,
If we had his energy, we’d feel so alive!

Jana survived two surgeries this year,
Her gall bladder, thyroid – “what next?” we do fear.
She teaches, she sews and she’s blogging too,
She’s oft in the kitchen, making “real food.”
She ran two half-marathons and lived through two storms,
The kids keep her busy, but this is the norm.

Earl still writes music, his passion you know.
Re:Visions was nominated for a Canadian Juno.
The New Directions Ensemble is his 10-piece band,
Hartford would say it’s the best in the land.
He writes on his blog & goes to the gym,
He’s a fabulous dad and we’re quite fond of him.

Just one final thought as we come ‘round the tree,
Christmas is not about presents, for me.
We don’t buy the presents we cannot afford,
We know Jesus as Savior and Lord of all Lords.
He was born on this day, for you and for me,
And the gift of the Savior is perfectly free.

** I know I haven’t blogged in a while, but Earl has challenged me to a blogathon in January. Challenges & deadlines are good for me. So stay tuned… and Earl MacDonald, watch out :)

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