Little Dresses for Africa

I love Africa. I don’t know why. I’ve never been there, but somehow I’m drawn to the people, the geography, the music, the culture. And I know they are desperately in need, in so many ways. It’s where I need to go some day.

But for now I’ll make dresses.  Little Dresses for Africa.

A few weeks ago, hurricane Irene hit and many were without power. We were part of the 7% in our town that actually had power, so I wanted to be sure I made good use of it. My goal was to make 2 dresses for Africa.

I found a very simple pattern here:

I made two different sizes with two different pieces of fabric. Here’s Stella, graciously modeling one:


I also attached a tag with a little note, along with the sizing:





Such a small thing to do.  So fun, so simple, but such a BIG impact in a child’s life.  So, if you’re handy with a sewing machine and you’re looking for a place to give, check it out:

Little Dresses for Africa.

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