14 miles. Run and Done.

Yesterday I ran with 6 of my running buddies. Three of them broke off at the 6 and 9 mile marks,  I continued on with Chrissy and Esther to complete 14. Never, in my wildest dreams, did I ever conceive of running 14 miles.

I remember getting back into running about a month after
my  thyroid surgery.  I was running 3 miles and barely
hanging with my friends who had been running all the while
I was out.  I was winded.  My legs felt heavy.  I was moving slowly and my body just did not feel strong.  I had a set back.

The task of starting over again was burdensome.  I remember running 3 miles alone and thinking, “Why am I doing this? No one will know if I stop now.”  But I would know. And I had gone too far to give up running over a little thyroid surgery. It was just a set back.

We have set backs in running (injuries, etc.) and we have set backs in life (if you haven’t read Dealing with Disappointment, click here to read about some of mine). In that moment, running alone back in May, I remember thinking “You have two choices:  you can power your way up this hill at your own pace, one foot at a time OR you can walk home, sit in your easy chair and recline for the rest of your life.”

I wasn’t going to be defeated, so I kept running. And I haven’t stopped. And running 14 miles felt good because I knew I had trained to do it. I knew I was strong enough.  And I can’t run 14 miles sitting in my easy chair.

So my friends, if you’re experiencing a set back, it will pass. Just power your way up that hill at your own pace, one foot at a time.


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