Me, Myself and Irene

More like me, my husband, two (very) active kids, a dog and a bottle of Cabernet. This sums up our weekend as we endured hurricane Irene.

I’m not one to feed into the media frenzy, but by last Thursday the reports were clear that she was coming our way. I headed out to the local market where I scooped up the last four jugs of water. I didn’t bother stocking up on food. I had a few meals tucked away in the freezer and I knew they would be defrosting if the power went out.  I did go searching for batteries for the flashlights, but they were all sold out.  So was the next store.  We had an oil lamp and several flashlights that worked. I decided we would be fine. Irene came early Sunday morning.

Connecticut was hit pretty hard and our town was no exception. At one point, 93% of Mansfield was without power. Somehow, we were spared and only lost power for 3 hours on Monday afternoon and our internet/phone connection for a few days.  Logan was disappointed. He was hoping for a power outage and had his crank flashlight at the ready. I quietly thanked God.


Traffic lights are out in town. Trees and power lines are down, which has made navigating our country back roads challenging. The start of school has been delayed for nearly a week, as the clean-up continues. The town of Mansfield has even set up shelters for people without power, so they can grab a shower, a bite to eat, and even a place to sleep.

It may still be several days before Connecticut’s power is restored. My friends who have been living in the dark seem to be in relatively good spirits and very resourceful. Irene has taught me a lot over the past few days and I hope to share my thoughts in the next several blog posts.


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