Lessons from a Tomato

I had been eagerly anticipating juicy tomatoes from the CSA. Rumor had it they were coming this week & BLT’s were on my menu.

We drove our new Prius to the farm, feeling oh so good about our new found “granola” status. I peeked into our veggie box.  Lo and behold, the coveted tomato.

An ugly one.

Our farmers graciously give us extras from the freebie table. They’re usually from the crops that produce plenty. Things like zucchini, squash & cucumbers. As I’m loading some freebies into my bag, the farmer mentions that we need to be gentle with the “Heirloom” tomatoes in our bag. They can be bumped and bruised easily. They’re fragile.

Meanwhile, I’m thinking, “oh, you mean the ugly one?”  (with all due respect to the farmer).

I gotta tell you. I don’t like tomatoes. There I admit it. I put on a brave face for my kids, but I just don’t like them.

Until now.

You see, all the pretty tomatoes from the supermarket are just that. Pretty. Full of pesticides and lacking flavor. They’re the “supermodels” of tomatoes. Ones you might not want to take home to mama.

Holy Dinah! I never experienced a more gorgeous tomato in my life than the one that sacrificed it’s life for my BLT sandwich.

So friends, eat your tomatoes…  Just make sure they’re the ugly ones.

**please note: the above photo is not of the “ugly” tomato. This is a prettier version of the ugly tomato. Apparently Heirloom tomatoes are meant to be eaten fresh, while hybrid varieties are grown to withstand shipping and cold storage.  Heirlooms usually aren’t as pretty. They are not as round and are more prone to cracking. I’m sure you knew this. I’m still a work in progress.

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