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I am really enjoying the CSA we belong to. I have to admit that beets are not my favorite, but I joined the CSA so that I would try new foods, and try new foods I will do.

Let’s get real. I know what beets are. My mom used to serve them out of a can (gasp!). They’re not “new” to me, but I would not buy them of my own free will. When they are given to me through the CSA, I’m forced to eat them. First of all, I paid for them and I hate to waste food. But most importantly, someone spent time growing this food. I cannot let it go to waste.

Last time I received beets, I boiled them and served them along-side a roasted chicken. Not a real hit in my family, so this time I needed a more creative way to serve the dreaded beet.

Giada to the rescue!  If you’re in need of a good beet recipe, check out Giada’s Beet & Goat Cheese Arugula Salad. Um. Divine!

All of this heart healthy food reminds me of my hearty Hungarian grandfather (Papa). He ate good food and grew some of his own. I remember many times being delayed in our travels because he spotted wild grapes growing on the side of the road. We would pick them and then make some pretty fabulous jam. Every time I went to my grandparent’s house my grandmother would offer me diet pepsi and chocolates. My mom didn’t buy any of that, so it was a welcome treat.  But Papa was always offering apricots and dates. Dealers push drugs; Papa pushed produce. He was a produce pusher. That’s what he was. I miss that man dearly. I wish I had listened to him – in all his produce wisdom.

Likely, carrots won’t make my hair curly, like Papa used to say, but I AM enjoying my vegetables. I would not have chosen to buy beets, but now I can enjoy them on the rare occasion. I am a work in progress and I’m happy to report that progress has been made.


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