A Taste of Summer

We spent last Sunday afternoon, after church, picking blueberries at a local farm. For the kids, the actual excitement of picking berries lasted, err, 3 minutes. So while Earl and I slaved in the hot sun picking buckets full of berries, they made their own fun by playing hide-n-seek in the bushes and stopping only when they were hungry for a berry snack.


Logan also practiced using my camera and took some really nice pictures of my feet.


Or is he zeroing in on that fallen blueberry? One can never fully understand the mind of a true artiste.

I’ve been looking forward to blueberry season for some time. It’s serious brain food, y’all! They freeze so well and are delicious by the handful, topped on oatmeal, baked in muffins and mixed into pancakes. But I was looking for a different way to preserve this scrumptious fruit. I stumbled upon this recipe for blueberry syrup and it.is.divine!


Go ahead and try it. Make some. And then invite me over for pancakes (or crepes, depending on your country of origin). Bon Appetit!

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