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I apologize. I never gave you closure on my detox diet. Everyone needs closure. Kids need closure on an activity before they begin the next. Women need closure when a relationship has ended and, let’s face it, you need closure on my detox diet.

It’s summertime. Other things have taken priority.  Like my beautiful family, sunny days at the lake, running…cleaning my dirty bathroom, refereeing arguments, and episodes of the Bachelorette (I told you, I’m a work in progress).

I’m going to be honest. Ever since the Warrior Dash and my encounter with the “free beer,” I have given in to temptation. The next day it was my grandmother’s macaroni & cheese and then the cheeseburger and then the cupcake… Really it was lack of planning on my part. To eat this way, you have to be disciplined and organized. And this day, I did not have the time to pack my own food. Needless to say, my detox diet lasted 25 days instead of 30…not my goal, but still pretty darn good.

Eating out was definitely hard to do. On two occasions I went out with friends. First, I went to a Japanese restaurant where I had sashimi without soy sauce. There’s nothing like slinging some nice, dry, raw yellowtail down your throat. Mmmmm. The next time we went to another Asian restaurant where I ordered chicken & broccoli with no sauce. Seriously folks, what won’t I do for some quality girl time? At potlucks, I found myself eating my own food, since I knew what was in it, or asking awkward questions like, “um, what’s in your dish?” Right now I’m happy not to live by my restrictive eating rules.

Here’s where I am today:

I learned a lot and have found that it’s really not too difficult to acquire and eat whole foods if you are organized. I really had to read labels more and educate myself. There are preservatives in a lot of foods. I ate good, healthy food but did not see a drastic increase in my food bill because I wasn’t buying any junk. Organic foods may cost more, but I shop around for the things I need and I make most of my own food, so it works for me. And, to be honest, if I spend extra money on my food bill, I see it as a good investment in myself and my family.  I think that if I continue to get produce from the CSA & shop the perimeter of the supermarket, I will be fine. I’ve also enjoyed shopping at the local food co-op where I can buy many things in bulk (flour, spices, nuts). The prices are pretty good, the products are fresh and you can buy only what you need.

Right now I am out of the habit of drinking coffee daily. I might have a few cups per week. Earl has gone completely off coffee. If you know him at all, you know this is HUGE.

Now on to refined sugar:  To be honest, I don’t crave it as much as I used to. Because I was making many of my “sweets” with honey or syrup, the stuff that I make with refined sugar is now too sweet, so I don’t eat a lot of it.

Perhaps my most significant finding is that for one whole week following my detox diet, my stomach was in knots. I’m speculating that my detox diet was actually quite healthy, albeit radical. Because of this, I am actually keeping many of the habits I acquired from the detox, like:

  • making my own bread
  • drinking less caffeine
  • using less sugar
  • creating my weekly menus based on the produce I receive from the CSA
  • buying organic meats & eating less of it, etc.

I’ve had lots of support along the way. One woman who didn’t even know me had some encouraging words to offer me. We were standing behind her in the grocery line and she watched as I loaded the contents of our cart onto the belt. She smiled at us as Logan asked me for candy. I responded with a “no” and told him that we’re not buying candy because it’s not healthy, but that we could make a healthy treat at home that week. We don’t usually buy him treats like that, so he was able to accept my response. No temper tantrum. The woman watched as we continued to unload our cart. As she turned to leave, she looked at me and said, “You serve your kids healthy food.” It was such an encouragement to me because I really work hard at it. I spend lots of time planning meals, grocery shopping and making food, but I know it’s time well spent. My hope is that we’re setting healthy eating patterns for our kids, for life.

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