Warrior Dash New England


There were 6 of us and we were ready to unleash our inner warrior. We were ready to jump over fire, crawl through mud, over junk cars & under barbed wire…this was an extreme 3 mile run through tough terrain.

We drove to Amesbury, MA and arrived 1.5 hours prior to our start time.We were redirected to another parking lot because it seemed “the” parking lot was full.

We waited in line for our bus to the “battlefield.” All of this waiting, we affectionately called “obstacle 1.”

We picked up our packets, dropped our bags, lost a friend (then found our friend) and started the Warrior Dash one hour late.

I think everyone else was starting the Warrior Dash late too. Us warriors were so overcrowded, we knicknamed ourselves the “warrior walkers.” For about a mile and a half we did a trail run/walk through the forest lined with muck and muddy puddles. Thankfully, we duct taped our shoes onto our feet. Many shoes were lost in battle. In preparation, they tell you to run a lot. If I were rewriting that, I’d tell you to sling 10 lb. weights around your ankles and try to run on ice. That’s what it felt like.

There were some very cool obstacles (like climbing walls & jumping over fire) mixed in with some very weak ones. To be honest, I thought we would get a heck of a lot muddier than we did.


At the end, we donated our shoes to be recycled. To clean ourselves off we headed to the “warrior wash,” which was really a snow-making machine that shot out water. It was painful, so I elected to wash my hands and change into my civilian clothes. A shower at home never felt so good.

Though I did bring my own food, I must confess, I drank the free beer (it was a Newcastle!) so I cheated on my detox diet. Please don’t judge me. I am a work in progress.

Did the Warrior Dash meet my expectations? Not completely. Though I will admit, we had a really great time. Would I do it again? I could be persuaded. Either way, I unleashed my inner warrior this week. How about you?



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