I’m a bad mommy. I have my moments with my own children, but I’m really speaking in regards to our 11-year-old “son” from Brazil. His name is Adriano.

For the past 5 years, we have sponsored Adriano through Compassion International. This doesn’t make us heroes. As Christians, we are called to serve the poor. But, to me, this isn’t a CHRISTIAN choice, it’s a HUMAN choice. I mean, don’t we (or shouldn’t we) all want to help someone in need?

We dutifully give $38 per month so that Adriano can go to school, receive some health care & get supplemental food. When we think about him, we remember to pray for him. When we receive a letter, we write one back. But to be honest, when we’re stuck in the daily grind, there are many days when Adriano’s name isn’t even spoken. How sad. His latest letter made me realize that we are not doing enough. To him, our role in his life is so much greater than we realize:

“For my dear sponsor; I’m feeling really missed you guys. (ouch!). The kids alright?  Give them my regards and a big hug. I went to 5th grade, I’m happy. You are special to me, like my parents. If I could, I would go flying there to meet you. Come here to Brazil, for me it would be a gift from God. I leave to your meditation: Psalm 23:1 ‘The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing.’ I await an urgent letter.” (Yikes! Better get on that!)

This is a kid who sleeps in a house with dirt floors. This is a kid who lived in the slums near a polluted river that would overflow into his house when it rained. This is a kid whose mother has no job. Yet, in this letter he is “happy” and “lacks nothing.” And in every previous letter he thanks God for us.

Whoa, did this kid teach me a few lessons this week:

  1. I need to write more & pray more for Adriano.
  2. We better start saving for that trip to Brazil.
  3. I lack nothing.

I will sit on that this week. But for now, I had better get to writing that letter….



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