Angels Do Exist

Angels do exist. I know this because she came to me. With goat cheese….that she made from her own goats. And her name is Susan.

Her daughter goes to school with Logan. She has been reading my blog and really sensed my desire to have spinach pie. So, like the wonderful person & friend she is, she took the time to MAKE some cottage cheese for me. “Now you can make your pie,” she said. (If you haven’t read about my previous heartbreak over spinach pie, go here.)


I was thrilled! Within the next day or so, I was busy creating the perfect spinach pie. Simple to do and completely whole foods! Here she is, before I pop her into the oven:


And here’s the finished product, in all her toasty & cheesy & yummy glory:


The pie was out of this world. It had wonderful undertones of lemon. I’m guessing Susan used lemon juice to make her goat cheese, because I didn’t use any in the recipe. To be honest, I felt kind of guilty eating my spinach pie without Susan. I couldn’t have made it without her. My intention was to make one for her as well, but I realized we had already devoured most of our spinach. I’ll have to find another way to repay her.

I will tell you that I am DONE discussing the topic of spinach pie. You will hear no more words of it from me. And maybe that’s enough for Susan. :)

In the meantime, if you’d like to try the recipe, here is the link:

Detox Update:
It’s day 10 and I’m still feeling great. My mind is less “cloudy” and I’m not craving sweets. This is not a weight loss diet, because I’m eating real food & plenty of it, but I did manage to lose a little over 2 lbs. This is significant only because it goes to show that my “cookie diet” was probably not the best choice.

Happy eating, ya’ll!

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