Detox Diet: DAYS 2-5

Here’s an update up until this point. If you haven’t read about the detox diet I’m on, click here.

DAY 2:   I had a headache in the afternoon. I attribute this to my lack of caffeine. Remedy? Power nap and some fresh air, running with a friend.

DAY 3:  I experienced some anxiety throughout the day, but I’m sure that had nothing to do with the fact that our “human tornado” woke up as, well, a human tornado.

DAY 4:  Another headache & another run. That seemed to clear things up. No nap needed.

DAY 5 (today):  I’m feeling pretty well. My mind is clear & I’m feeling calm. I was craving something sweet, so Logan and I whipped up some banana muffins using honey instead of sugar. Definitely not the same, but surely will suffice.

Our menu this past week:

  • Pizza – homemade dough & sauce. I had to shred fresh mozzarella because the shredded packaged cheese has something in it that reduces caking (don’t know what that is).
  • Lemon Sole with Sauteed Swiss Chard – yum, yum!

I made my own bread crumbs using the ends of my homemade loaf. I used flounder because I couldn’t get sole.  I reduced the oil and butter by A LOT  (c’mon, Sunny!) & used the chard I received from the CSA.

  • Roasted Chicken, mashed potatoes & salad greens from the CSA.
  • Cannellini Bean Soup – I even soaked the beans overnight ma’self. Just get me a job at Old Sturbridge Village. And let’s get Logan one too while we’re at it. He needs more to do.

Other findings in regards to eating whole foods:

  • It does take some extra time to prepare the ingredients…soaking, grating, putting ingredients in a bread machine, etc. I’ve found the key is organization.
  • Sometimes, it’s easy. (i.e. Instead of making sandwiches for lunch, we have leftover chicken & cut-up vegetables.)
  • You might have to do extra shopping around for ingredients, but around here I have to do that anyway, so I’m used to shopping at various stores.
  • This is not necessarily a low-fat diet. Since I am using real butter and olive oil to cook with, I have to make sure I am careful about the amounts. Nuts, seeds, etc. are healthy, but not low in fat. The cheeses I have to shred are mostly whole-milk cheeses. I have to eat everything in moderation.

I won’t update every day, unless there is something significant to report. Sometimes I will have much more important things to share with you (like tomorrow’s post. You will NOT want to miss it!)

I’ll leave you with my last final thought on food. This week, a friend reminded me of Michael Pollan’s 7 words for eating:  Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.  Sounds good to me.



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