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Okay, friends. I thought you should all be made aware that I put myself on a whole foods detox diet for one month. I’m on day 3 and so far, so good.

Since January, my body has been falling apart. This has been the year for me to have all non-essential body parts removed. People were starting to say “good-bye” to me. Seriously. Like, “it was nice knowing you.” Because apparently when you’re checking out of here, your gall bladder is the first to go. And then your thyroid.

The year is still young. I hope I’m done with all that for a little while, but I have been thinking about taking the detox challenge for a while. I’m doing it to answer these questions:

  1. Are there toxins in my body? Will I notice any changes in one month? (more energy, less stress & anxiety, etc.)
  2. How difficult is it for me (& people in general) to eat only WHOLE foods for one month?

So here are my rules:

  • I can only eat whole foods (unprocessed & unrefined).
  • If I buy anything from the supermarket, it has to have five ingredients or less. I have to be able to pronounce the ingredients (and for the most part know what it is).
  • No caffeine.
  • No alcohol.
  • No refined sugar (gulp!).

Here’s what I expect:  Currently we eat pretty healthy, so I’m not anticipating that I’ll have to make big changes. I know I will have to make my own bread (because the ingredients list is too long and I can’t pronounce all of the ingredients). I will also have to make my own salad dressing. Both of these I have made before, I will just need to do it more frequently.

I will post updates. Here’s what I need from you:

If you see me collapsed on the ground, please pick me up. If I’m grumpy, please forgive me. Love me, even if you think I’m nuts. And, if you don’t see another post from me this week, call for help.


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