Detox Diet: DAY ONE

This might be a little trickier than I originally anticipated. This week I received a beautiful bag of fresh spinach from the CSA. I had planned to make a spinach pie, so I went to the market, armed with my list. I headed to the dairy aisle, looking for ricotta cheese. I checked the label. Sadly, there were ingredients in it that I couldn’t pronounce. No problem, I’ll substitute cottage cheese. Nope, that won’t work either. I’m not very good at creating recipes (or substitutions, for that matter) on the fly. Especially when I have a high-energy two-year old in tow. And so went my beautiful spinach pie, out of my life, just like that.


Isn’t she gorgeous?

As I’m standing in line,  mourning over the loss of my pie & reflecting on what could have been, I started thinking:

Why am I doing this? Spinach pie is perfectly healthy. YOU SHOULD EAT THE PIE.

Then I glanced into the cart behind me. Packaged food everywhere. Many of them stated, “All Natural.” From what I’ve read, this term really means nothing. Salt & sugar are natural, but we can benefit by limiting our consumption. I wondered, are whole foods readily available? Have we been trained to think that this stuff is real food? I will persevere for all mankind, to show them that eating whole foods is easy (or not).

So away with my spinach pie (for this month) and back to my detox diet.

CONFESSION: I did make one mistake. When making a cous cous salad I accidentally used jarred minced garlic instead of fresh. I’m not going to beat myself up over this. I am a work in progress.

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