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About a year and a half ago I took up running. If you knew me in my previous life (and by that I mean prior to January, 2010), you would put me in the same category as “the rapture” guy. NUTS!

There was a point in my life when I was overweight. I made bad choices. But eventually I got active, ate better & became relatively fit. I still would never have considered myself a runner. When I first met my husband, he took me for a “run.” I got half way around the block and had to stop. My heart hurt. WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THIS TO THEMSELVES? My doctor once asked me if I was a runner because my heart sounded strong. Likely it was the result of my affinity for red wine. ME? A RUNNER?

In January of 2010, I joined the local Community Center. Stella was now old enough to stay in the nursery and as a stay-at-home mom, an hour to myself sounded glorious (even if it was painful). I saw on facebook that one of my “friends” had done the Couch Potato to 5k program ( I needed a goal and this seemed doable. I made a commitment to run my first race in May of that year. So I began my training.

And it was hard. Running alone, the first 90 seconds on a treadmill or on the track were painful & long. But I got through it. And each time it got easier. I told others about my goal and they held me accountable. I ran that first race and then I continued to run. I joined a running group who encouraged me to run farther than I ever thought I could.


#1. Underneath my layer of mommy squish, I have muscles I never knew I had.

#2. Running eight miles outside goes faster with friends than three miles on the treadmill with “Will & Grace.”

This is true of life as well. Sometimes we hit hills or bumpy trails that are really hard. But somehow they’re more manageable if you’re running with friends. Sometimes I forget that. Sometimes I just try to go it alone. So I’m going to try. I’m going to try to invest better in relationships, because that’s the stuff of life. That’s really the only thing that matters. What are your thoughts? What do you do to strengthen relationships?



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