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This year we joined a farm CSA (community-supported agriculture). We pre-pay at the beginning of the growing season and each week, for the next several months, we pick up a box of fresh, healthy, goodies (pending good weather, of course).

We have raised beds and grow our own vegetables at home, but it’s more of an experiment, really. My “green” thumb is more “brown.” We try to see what we can get with as little watering & weeding as possible. Answer: NOT MUCH.  This is not our general goal, it’s just the reality of (our) life.

Today was my first visit to Shundahai Farm in Storrs. We received generous portions of arugula, salad greens & radishes. I dove into them on my way home and, in the words of my 82-year-old father in-law, “Holy Dinah!” – this stuff was good!

As I prepared our salad for dinner I nearly cried, my heart was filled with so much joy. I was certain I could get Stella to eat “pink” vegetables (I could). The children were more compliant (or I was a little more patient). All in all, the world was a better place.

I joined the CSA for a few reasons:

  1. I want my children to see where their food grows (sadly, only a portion of it is local).
  2. I want to try new foods (and the foods that grow well in our region). I have a passion for cooking and I want to incorporate interesting, new (to me) vegetables.
  3. I have an increased desire to eat whole foods. In general, we eat pretty healthy, but what would it be like to consume only whole foods?

So, my hope is that I can share my journey with you. And, as I peruse through my veggie box each week, perhaps you’ll have fabulous recipes to share with me. In the meantime, check out the farmer’s website: They’ll give you a thorough explanation of what it is they do. Bon Appetit!



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