Relative Strangers


A few weeks ago, Earl borrowed a wretched movie from the library.  He should know it’s a big commitment for me to sit down long enough to watch a movie…and he brought THIS  home? Really? (sigh, roll of eyes).  Regardless of how horrible the film was (did I mention it was bad?), it allowed me some “snuggy time” with my man and an idea for an interesting blog post.

He chose this movie because it had some familiar actors in it – Danny DeVito, Kathy Bates & Neve Campbell (remember Party of Five?).  In the movie, “Relative Strangers”, Neve Campbell is getting married and her wealthy fiancé just finds out he is adopted. He meets his birth parents (Kathy Bates & Danny DeVito) and is shocked to find that, well, they’re not very classy. I won’t bore you with the details (and frankly, I don’t remember them) but one funny moment belongs to Danny DeVito.  He mentions that he goes to the “Church of C & E.”  What’s that? The Church of Christmas & Easter.

I had to chuckle because:

  1. In this video Danny DeVito does not look like a typical church go-er (believe me, I know there is no “typical” church go-er. I could elaborate, but that’s another blog post).
  2. I often see churches flooded with people on Christmas & Easter; more so than most other Sundays.  On our way to our old church in Ellington, we used to notice cars parked on the grass of the local Congregational Church on Easter Sunday. Every year I’d wonder, where were they last week? On this big University campus, why isn’t the parking lot this full throughout the year?

So why? What brings people to church on Christmas & Easter? Pancake breakfasts?  Did someone drag them there?  Guilt?  Tradition? We obviously celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmastime and His resurrection at Easter, but have we thought about the life he lived in between, His life here on Earth?

My point is, if you go to church on Christmas & Easter, you have made a choice to do so. No pancake breakfast can drag you out of bed. And if someone is literally dragging you there, then church is probably a safer place. Only you can make you feel guilty. Traditions can be broken & we prioritize what’s important to us. Lastly, from a wise Pastor at a friend’s funeral I learned, “It’s not the day you were born or the day that you die that’s most significant, it’s what you do with your dash” (1977 – 20??). So if you go to the church of C & E, why not go more often? And if you’re not happy going where you go, why not try another? If you haven’t been invited, I invite you.

But whatever you do, DO NOT watch the movie “Relative Strangers”. J

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