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Our preschooler goes to a Montessori school. Before I had children, I taught in a public school and I had my own opinions about Montessori schools. I will admit my own ignorance here (work in progress)…in my mind, children who went to Montessori school lacked structure and were given too many choices.

After a very difficult year in our town’s excellent public school system, we decided to pull our son and enroll him in a Montessori school. The transformation has been immense (more on that later when I discuss SPD). One of the goals of his school is to “help them help themselves.”  I’m constantly thinking of ways to empower our kids to do things for themselves so they are disciplined, feel a sense of accomplishment & (to be very honest) lighten my load.

I had thyroid surgery a few weeks ago (more on that later) and have pretty much been homebound since. One rainy day, it occurred to me that my house was clean enough, dinner was prepared, laundry was caught up & the children were occupying themselves beautifully (a rarity). I decided I needed a project.

Online I came across a sewing pattern for a Montessori apron. What makes it “Montessori” is that it has Velcro instead of ties so the children can put it on themselves. I whipped this little beauty up in a “quiet time” period with materials I already had on hand.  I am a self-taught sewer (okay, one lesson from my mother-in-law), so if you can follow directions and sew a straight line, you can make this too.



Here’s a cute little model I found.



Here’s another one. Real men aren’t afraid of pink.



Don’t you just want to eat them up?

This apron fits children ages 3-6. It can be used for cooking or arts & crafts. It would even make a lovely gift! Next time, I’m thinking of adding cute little buttons, pockets, ric-rac…okay, now I’m getting excited!

Happy sewing, ya’ll!  Send me a picture if you decide to make one :)

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