I have much more to blog about on the topic of Sensory Processing Disorder, and I will later. But, today I’ll end my little three-part “series” on the subject. After my last few posts, I received so many encouraging notes, & also messages from others who strengthen my belief that I am not alone. One … [Read more…]

Child Advocacy

In my last post, I mentioned that our son, Logan, is a sensory seeker. I always knew he was intense. Perceptive. Inquisitive. Energetic. Passionate. Spirited. These are terrific qualities to have.  I often imagine that he will be quite the man some day. But in those early years, we were always “on edge” and basically living … [Read more…]

Sensational Kids

All kids are sensational, but my kid is really sensational. He’s so sensational I might let you borrow him for a week. J Our five-year old son has a Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), a neurological disorder which makes it difficult for him to take in, process and respond to sensory information appropriately. One book calls these … [Read more…]

Relative Strangers

A few weeks ago, Earl borrowed a wretched movie from the library.  He should know it’s a big commitment for me to sit down long enough to watch a movie…and he brought THIS  home? Really? (sigh, roll of eyes).  Regardless of how horrible the film was (did I mention it was bad?), it allowed me … [Read more…]

Be Still

  I don’t like to be still. Once, my Irish college roommate scolded me for “hoovering” the carpet at 9am. Apparently, this is early for college students, but I had been up for hours. I don’t like to be still. A two-hour movie is often too much of a commitment for me. I don’t like … [Read more…]

My Favorite Things

Our preschooler goes to a Montessori school. Before I had children, I taught in a public school and I had my own opinions about Montessori schools. I will admit my own ignorance here (work in progress)…in my mind, children who went to Montessori school lacked structure and were given too many choices. After a very … [Read more…]

Dealing with Disappointment

A year and a half ago, my husband told me that he wanted to apply for a job in Texas. I am a New Englander, through and through. TEXAS?  My response was, “You can apply, but I’m not moving to Texas.” This job was perfect for Earl. He is a professional jazz musician and the … [Read more…]


Don’t get me wrong. I love facebook. I can only imagine how many days of my life I have wasted on facebook. But, we all know that it exists to make us look good. Have you seen my cute kids? How about that great hair day I had last week? Look how many “friends” I … [Read more…]