Lessons from a Tomato

I had been eagerly anticipating juicy tomatoes from the CSA. Rumor had it they were coming this week & BLT’s were on my menu. We drove our new Prius to the farm, feeling oh so good about our new found “granola” status. I peeked into our veggie box.  Lo and behold, the coveted tomato. An … [Read more…]

Car Negotiating Tips

I haven’t blogged in a while. I miss you guys. I’ve been busy. Busy tending to the powdered sugar fiasco in Stella’s room. I think she was trying to recreate a winter scene. Busy training for a half marathon next month. Busy spending some seriously good times with my peeps which has taken us into … [Read more…]

Beet It

I am really enjoying the CSA we belong to. I have to admit that beets are not my favorite, but I joined the CSA so that I would try new foods, and try new foods I will do. Let’s get real. I know what beets are. My mom used to serve them out of a … [Read more…]

Point Taken

I have a few books on my nightstand. Many started, none finished. I can’t get around to reading until late at night, and by that time I’m fighting through each chapter, desperately trying to stay awake. Sometimes, I read pages only to question what it was I just read. My mind often wanders. A few … [Read more…]


It is VBS* (Vacation Bible School) season & I am gearing up to craft with young children in a few weeks. I love to craft. And I thought this would be a good place to spend my time & energy, especially if our kids will be there all week. But I am also reminded of … [Read more…]

I Want to Scratch My Itch Too

Intrigued? Read on. I found this blog post from Simple Bites called, In Which I Scratch a Canning Itch. Included is a recipe for strawberry jam that uses honey as a sweetener. We love fresh jam in the morning, but when I’m making it, it’s painful to add several CUPS of sugar to the (already) … [Read more…]