Today I picked up my gorgeous produce at the CSA (explanation here) – salad greens, spinach & swiss chard. I can’t wait to get started on this week’s menu! Last week, I was discussing food with our farmer, Raluca. She had mentioned that many other foods are irradiated in order to preserve it (not organic … [Read more…]

Giving, In Good Times and Bad

Times are tough. So why should we give? For one, no matter how little we think we have, there’s probably someone else who has less. And two, it just feels good to help someone in need. Whether you have money or not, here are 9 great places to give. Some won’t even cost you a … [Read more…]

From Farm to Table

This year we joined a farm CSA (community-supported agriculture). We pre-pay at the beginning of the growing season and each week, for the next several months, we pick up a box of fresh, healthy, goodies (pending good weather, of course). We have raised beds and grow our own vegetables at home, but it’s more of … [Read more…]

The Potter’s Hand

When I first became a Christian, about 8 years ago, I went to a ladies retreat.  The speaker was a potter; a woman who had “been through the fire”. Using her pottery wheel, she told her story and demonstrated how God shaped her life. This woman’s message was based on one nugget of scripture. In the … [Read more…]

The Potter

I love Old Sturbridge Village. It’s my happy place. It’s quiet, it’s serene, it’s beautiful in it’s simplicity. We go there a lot. I want to live there some day. And I’ve decided that this is our new home. If I lived here, I could walk to the school, the church & the general store. My food would be … [Read more…]

Relative Strangers

A few weeks ago, Earl borrowed a wretched movie from the library.  He should know it’s a big commitment for me to sit down long enough to watch a movie…and he brought THIS  home? Really? (sigh, roll of eyes).  Regardless of how horrible the film was (did I mention it was bad?), it allowed me … [Read more…]

Be Still

  I don’t like to be still. Once, my Irish college roommate scolded me for “hoovering” the carpet at 9am. Apparently, this is early for college students, but I had been up for hours. I don’t like to be still. A two-hour movie is often too much of a commitment for me. I don’t like … [Read more…]

My Favorite Things

Our preschooler goes to a Montessori school. Before I had children, I taught in a public school and I had my own opinions about Montessori schools. I will admit my own ignorance here (work in progress)…in my mind, children who went to Montessori school lacked structure and were given too many choices. After a very … [Read more…]


Don’t get me wrong. I love facebook. I can only imagine how many days of my life I have wasted on facebook. But, we all know that it exists to make us look good. Have you seen my cute kids? How about that great hair day I had last week? Look how many “friends” I … [Read more…]