Lessons from a Tomato

I had been eagerly anticipating juicy tomatoes from the CSA. Rumor had it they were coming this week & BLT’s were on my menu. We drove our new Prius to the farm, feeling oh so good about our new found “granola” status. I peeked into our veggie box.  Lo and behold, the coveted tomato. An … [Read more…]

Car Negotiating Tips

I haven’t blogged in a while. I miss you guys. I’ve been busy. Busy tending to the powdered sugar fiasco in Stella’s room. I think she was trying to recreate a winter scene. Busy training for a half marathon next month. Busy spending some seriously good times with my peeps which has taken us into … [Read more…]

Beet It

I am really enjoying the CSA we belong to. I have to admit that beets are not my favorite, but I joined the CSA so that I would try new foods, and try new foods I will do. Let’s get real. I know what beets are. My mom used to serve them out of a … [Read more…]

Point Taken

I have a few books on my nightstand. Many started, none finished. I can’t get around to reading until late at night, and by that time I’m fighting through each chapter, desperately trying to stay awake. Sometimes, I read pages only to question what it was I just read. My mind often wanders. A few … [Read more…]

I Want to Scratch My Itch Too

Intrigued? Read on. I found this blog post from Simple Bites called, In Which I Scratch a Canning Itch. Included is a recipe for strawberry jam that uses honey as a sweetener. We love fresh jam in the morning, but when I’m making it, it’s painful to add several CUPS of sugar to the (already) … [Read more…]

A Taste of Summer

We spent last Sunday afternoon, after church, picking blueberries at a local farm. For the kids, the actual excitement of picking berries lasted, err, 3 minutes. So while Earl and I slaved in the hot sun picking buckets full of berries, they made their own fun by playing hide-n-seek in the bushes and stopping only when … [Read more…]


Today, our darling Stella turned 3. I can hardly believe it. I remember the day she was born so clearly. She was five days late, in the heat of summer and I desperately wanted this baby to come. I’m convinced my friend Jen finally threw me into labor with the special brew of coffee she … [Read more…]

Crown of Life

I’m kind of new to the blog world. In my search to find like-minded bloggers, I am thankful to have stumbled across mom-blog.com. The writer, Gina, wears many hats, but the thread that links us together is that we are both moms to special needs children. One of her latest posts, Reality Sucks, but It’s … [Read more…]

Detox Review

I apologize. I never gave you closure on my detox diet. Everyone needs closure. Kids need closure on an activity before they begin the next. Women need closure when a relationship has ended and, let’s face it, you need closure on my detox diet. It’s summertime. Other things have taken priority.  Like my beautiful family, … [Read more…]