Tell Me About Africa

I’ve been feeling a little bit guilty. Ever since I posted that I was going to Africa, I’ve inevitably been asked, “so, tell me about Africa.” I’ve sort of brushed off the question. “I haven’t been there yet.” But now I can see that that answer is kind of rude (I’m sorry). I mean, I … [Read more…]

Little Dresses for Africa

In my last post, I mentioned that I was going to Africa.  I always thought this was something I would do when my kids were in college, but Africa has been on my heart for the past several years and I was beginning to wonder if there would ever be a “good” time. I was beginning … [Read more…]

My Quest for Less

A while back I posted about simplifying life.  But there was a time (actually there are many times) when I desired more.  Let me lay down one of the scenarios for you. It all started with piano lessons for our 6 year old son (who is very adamant that he is NOT taking piano lessons). … [Read more…]