I’m Standing on a Precipice

Stella and I went blueberry picking today. If you’ve ever picked blueberries, you know it is a long and tedious process. When you go apple picking, you can fill a bag in just a few minutes. When you pick strawberries, it takes more time,  but it’s still manageable because the berries are obviously bigger. But picking … [Read more…]

Africa: Day 12

We had a good night’s sleep in comfortable accommodations. This is the first time we’ve had a shower in our room that works properly (other than the Game Park). I’ve found there are typically two water temps in Africa: COLD and SCALDING. Our toilet flushes too, so we are thankful. It was the usual for … [Read more…]

Africa: Day 9

August 25 We woke up to no water. Two buckets of hot water arrived on our doorstep as promised. I washed my hair using those coveted water bottles. Those things do come in handy for all sorts of things! We decided to leave the lodge a day early and head to Zomba after our day’s … [Read more…]

Africa: Day 8

Hi friends. I got thrust back into my US life and have neglected to finish blogging about my trip to Africa. I took the time today to finish all of the posts, so I will release them all over the next few days. Nothing like a speaking engagement in 2 days (at St. Mark’s Chapel … [Read more…]