I have much more to blog about on the topic of Sensory Processing Disorder, and I will later. But, today I’ll end my little three-part “series” on the subject. After my last few posts, I received so many encouraging notes, & also messages from others who strengthen my belief that I am not alone. One message was from a dear friend who has been through the fire. Her message was one of hope. It gets better. Your hard work pays off.

Today was a benchmark day for me. For the past few months we had planned & prepared for a Spring Fair to benefit Logan’s school. I have to admit, I hate these things…total sensory overload. This morning I could feel the buzz in the air at home. Logan had been anticipating this day for a while and I could feel his engine revving higher. Would he be able to keep it together?


(Sadly, his younger sister did not.)   This evening, as she had her meltdown in her room, Logan and I dined over meatloaf & mashed potatoes. He thanked me for the “delicious meal” and we talked about the day’s events (using calm voices and sitting on our bottoms!). I told him that I thought he had wonderful friends and he told me how much he loved his teacher (she’s pretty darn special). He proudly mentioned that dad let him go off and play a game on his own at the fair…no hovering, no incidents & he was so proud. People, we have arrived!

There is hope. Get your kids what they need. Show them a little tough love and give them lots of love. They will succeed. There is hope.


Here’s our sweet Stella, painted as a beautiful butterfly. She had so much fun at the fair today, by evening she had morphed into a raging lunatic. I can laugh about it now.